Sirkin Apartments

This large residential project consisted of three, 4-story apartment buildings over 2 levels of parking, a clubhouse building, and also site establishment structures; five detention vaults, four permanent shoring walls with concrete facing and tiebacks, as well as two temporary shoring walls for building platforms. Parking structures consisted of post-tension concrete slabs, with 4 stories of wood framing bearing on the transfer slab. Total floor area of apartment buildings was about 566,600sft (344 units), 673 parking spaces, and a 6,700sft clubhouse. Five detention vaults were designed; four significant permanent shored walls and two temporary shoring walls were designed. Estimated construction costs were approximately $65,0mil. Rob was project manager, managed a design team and performed coordination, communication and design functions.

Owner: Fairfield Properties
Architect: GMS Architectural Group
Contractor: Conco and Premier Builders
Manager: Rob Thompson