We love our contractors, and often call them up to "bounce ideas" off them, and gain their valuable insight when we are in the midst of design. This adds to our design experience, and provides valuable impetus for continual development and improvement in our designs and techniques.

House Remodel in Bellevue, WA
"...Thank you! Looking forward to working with you again..."
- Gary O

Multi-Family Project in the Suburbs
"...Thanks for the fast turn-around time on the projects we have sent over in the past few weeks. What a great team you make. Hope you are ready for some new plans..."
- Paul H

Multi-Family Project in Snohomish
"...Appreciate you making the effort to reduce cost for us..."
- Jack B


We strive to maintain good working relationships with our architect clients, and a tight working relationship is critical in today's very competitive environment. Also exploring new aspects of our relationships is currently being driven by recent software development using a BIM platform. We are actively developing these relationships, and see a deepening of interaction in the design process in those projects.

Centennial Shotcrete Wall
"...I took these (pics) on the fly from inside on a rainy day, but they will give you an idea of how cool the wall in the courtyard looks. It’s a big hit!..."
- Lorraine P (Landscape Architect)

High Point Shopping Center Remodel
"... Nice work with the Revit details!..."
- Brett C

Cornwall Housing
"...Thanks for the concern. I like the fact you are aware of the cost implications and are willing to let me know upfront..."
- Rod B


Owners have a keen interest in welfare of the design team, the construction process and the success of the project as a whole. When they find a good mix that produces results, they stay with it. We strive to be on THAT team!

Structural Inspection at home purchase - Issaquah
"...Thank you for taking the time to help us... it has been a HUGE help to us for you to perform this assessment on such short notice - especially on your day off..."
- Seth N