SEAW recognizes one of CTE’s own

CT Engineering is proud to announce that our very own, Peter Hart, has been given the Engineer of the Year 2012 award by the SEAW Seattle Chapter!

Since joining SEAW in 1983, Peter has taken an active role on the Seattle Board (from Director to President 2005), the Building/Wood committee, SEAW/WABO liaison committee, Education Committee (Serviceability for Floor Systems, Cold-Formed Steel, and Existing Building seminars, the 2007 SEA Northwest Conference, the pre-dinner mini-seminars, and the Refresher Course committee), and instructing Wood and Timber content for over 10 years.

Peter we are proud to have you here at CT Engineering both as a friend and colleague.  Thank you for your continued service.

Please CLICK HERE for access SEAW’s recognition of Peter Hart.

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